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Natural citrus oils

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CitraSource is a comprehensive Citrus Center working in close partnership with our customers to support them in their pursuit of excellent citrus flavors and fragrances. We are experts in From The Named Fruit (FTNF) ingredients from oranges, grapefruits, lemons, tangerines/mandarins and limes.


Our custom built distillation equipment includes traditional vacuum distillation as well as molecular distillation units. This enables us to offer a complete range of full-profile folded citrus oils up to terpeneless qualities, as well as citrus fractions and other specialty items.

We dewax, clean, analyze and blend single fold and folded oils to our customers´ specs, and fill in their preferred packaging from smaller drums to tankers.

Our large storage capacity for product in bulk and drums allows us to hold inventory for our customers and ship directly to their sites all over the world.

CitraSource offers the expertise, experience, facilities and financial capacity to be a preferred partner in the complex world of CITRUS OILS.

From The Named Fruit (FTNF) ingredients with pure and natural citrus extracts made from



White ... Pink ... Folded Oil
Essence Oil ... Terpenes ...



Valencia Oil ... Midseason Oil
Folded Oil ...Essence Oil ... Terpenes ...



Californian type ... Argentinian type
Italian type ... Spanish type ... Folded Oil ... Terpenes ...



Tangerine ... Dancy - Green Mandarin Yellow ... Red ...
Folded Oil ... Terpenes ...



Expressed ... Distilled
Key/Mexican ... Persian/Tahitian ...

Citrus Fractions

AND Citrus Fractions

Sinensal ... Valencene ... Octanal ... Decanal ... Nootkatone ... Ethyl Butyrate ... Delta Cadinene ... Linalool ... Aceltaldehyde ... Orange Carbonyls ...

Where our products come from

Our products are made from the oil present in citrus fruits. While processing fruit for juice, a small yield of oil can also be extracted.
This is usually done close to the growing areas.

We have cultivated long term relationships with citrus processors from all over the world. Our many years of experience has given us an indepth knowledge of the citrus industry and its variable characteristics. In the ever changing world of naturals it is important to know how to source these oils of the right quality, using reliable sources, and at the best time, in order to offer consistent qualities sustainably.

Highest Quality Guaranteed

The quality of a flavor or fragance depends on the ingredients that go into it. Our expert technical team and fully equipped laboratory allows us to do a lot of the pre-work and make sure it fulfils our partners´ specs consistently, no matter how strict they are.

Kosher and Halal

Most of our products are Kosher and Halal Certified.

Kosher and Halal


Our Quality Assurance policies are based on the highly regarded FSSC 22000 guidelines.

FSSC 22000 & EAGLE Food Registrations Inc.

Members of IFEAT
since 2004.

Members of the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma chemicals Trade since 2004.


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